Fees will be changing from the 1st of July 2024, please refer to Recent post to see changes

  Payment per financial year applicable to all patients    

      Full fee Out of
<18 years and aged pensioner 65+ (standard consultation) $61.40 $20.00 $41.40*
<18 years and aged pensioner 65+ (longer consultation) $100.10 $20.00 $80.10*
Adults (standard consultation) $81.40 $40.00  $41.40*
Adults (longer consultation) $120.10 $40.00 $80.10*

Patients  with a VALID pension card, health care card, and children <18, aged pensioner over 65 will be bulk billed for every visit thereafter.

Patients WHO DO not have a valid government concession card will be $10 out of pocket for each visit.

Standard consultation
Full Fee      

$ 51.40
Out of pocket 

$ 10.00

Longer consultation $ 90.10 $ 10.00 $80.10
*Medicare schedule fees are subject to change without any notice.



Patients who don’t have a Medicare card will be charged the full consult fee.

Fees are to be paid on the day of consultation. For same day claiming, accounts need to settled after seeing the doctor.

Cancellation / non – attendance policy

A $25.00 non attendance fee will apply if appointments are not cancelled two hours prior to the appointment time or if you fail to attend a booked appointment . We have a daily cancellation list of patients that would like to attend the clinic should an  appointment become available, so if you do not require your appointment anymore please let us know. If you have any outstanding amounts, no future appointment will be given until your account is settled.

Veterans affair patients no charges apply.

Work-cover, TAC, pre-employment and any other medicals including insurance forms will be billed privately.

Rhonda Sidaoui Clinical Psychologist Fees